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TELEPHONE CALLS: Please be assured that we can be reached 24 hours a day.
Regular Hours:
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We encourage you to call our office during regular office hours (Monday through Saturday) with routine questions or specific concerns regarding your child. Our experienced office staff will answer your general questions about infant and child care or advise you how to manage common childhood symptoms and illnesses. Our medical assistants are well trained to help you decide if your child's situation requires an office visit and are in direct contact with a physician for appropriate management.
For holidays and weekends after regular office hours, urgent calls should be handled by our answering service. You can reach us by calling our regular office telephone at 203-469-8882.
After Regular Office Hours:
We have an answering service for your calls after office hours. For all urgent calls please dial our office number 203-469-8882, and wait for the answering service to pick up. They will contact the doctor on call. If you do not receive a return phone call within 15 minutes, please call the service again. If you would like to leave a general message after office hours, please call our office number 203-469-8882, wait for the message and follow instructions. We will call you as soon as possible.
Return Calls:
When a provider is returning a call to you, please do not call back on that telephone line. It is only for outgoing calls. All calls must go through our main telephone at 203-469-8882 to be answered by our front-desk staff or answering service.
Well Visits:
 According to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, well visits are recommended according to a regular schedule to monitor growth and development, to administer vaccines, and to identify and treat developmental medical problems.
We recommended the baby's first visit at 2 weeks of age to monitor weight and any problems that may occur at birth. Our well child visits are scheduled as follows: one month, two months, three months, four months, six months, nine months, 12 months, 15 months and 18 months.
We recommend yearly well visits at ages 2 - 5. Some health insurances will only cover well visits every two years from the age of 5 years until the age of 11. Be sure to check with your insurance plan to determine your coverage. Adolescents over 11 years of age grow very quickly, so we recommended them to be seen on a yearly basis. Much is changing in their teen years physically, emotionally and socially.
Our office policy is that the legal parent or guardian be present at these important milestones in your child's life. If you have scheduled a preventive visit and are not able to attend, the appointment will have to be rescheduled to a time that is more convenient for you. Please try to understand, we are protecting both you and your child with authorized medical care during these preventive care visits.
If you are the legal court appointed guardian, please be prepared to bring the legal court documents so we may make a copy for our records.
If you are not the legal parent or guardian and the parent has put you on the authorized list, you are welcome to bring the child to any sick visit.
Your child(ren) will have a primary pediatrician and will tend to see the same doctor whenever possible. For preventive visits please ask for your preferred provider at the time of scheduling.
Sick visits are generally made with the provider available at the time of the visit. Please specify your preferred health practitioner when you make your appointments.
Sick Visits:
Please call when you think your child is experiencing some ailment. Our medical staff can assess the need for an urgent sick visit and either give you advice or an appointment. We do try to see most urgent sick visits on the same day but cannot guarantee due to scheduling. Please see our tips on discerning when to call us and get some helpful advice on keeping your child comfortable when sick.
If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call to cancel so we can offer that time to another patient. If you are unable to arrive on time, please call the office so we may evaluate the schedule and reschedule if necessary.
We wish that we could always see you and your child at the appointed time. Unfortunately, due to hospital responsibilities, unforeseen emergencies, phone calls from / to specialists, parents, schools, etc., it can sometimes be difficult for us to maintain the schedule we plan. Please be patient with our staff. We do value your time, and we recognize how difficult it can be to wait with small children. Please be sure to bring only that child who is scheduled for that appointment. Trying to squeeze in another member of the family causes delays and complications. If you plan to bring more than one child to a given appointment, please let us know at the time we schedule so that we can have a chart prepared and allow for some extra time.
When you request physicals for school or camp, we ask that you schedule early enough to allow for our busy seasons. Appointment slots go very quickly. Forms require at least four to seven business days to be fully completed. They are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not supply Camp, Child Care, or School blue forms, please be sure you get them prior to your visit and fill out your portion. If you are dropping them off, please give ample time for us to process them, especially around the beginning of school and the start of summer season. You have the option to fax them, pick them up or have them mailed to you. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for mailing.
For maintenance or chronic medications, please call your pharmacy for refills. If your prescription has run out, they will fax us a prescription request. We will return that request as soon as possible during regular office hours. Certain medications cannot be dispensed by a fax or phone call to the pharmacy but only by a written prescription presented directly to the pharmacist. Please take this into account if your child is on such a medication, and call the office during regular office hours at least a few days before the prescription runs out.
Like any business, we expect full payment to be made at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, checks or Visa / MasterCard debit and credit cards. You are responsible at the time of your visit for any co-payments, past deductibles, co-insurance or any balance not covered by your insurance. Please come prepared to pay these. We will charge a $20 fee for any delayed payments that require billing reminders unless a payment plan is established with our billing manager.
If you have no insurance at time of visit, please be aware of our policy of paying for the visits at the time of service, and when insurance coverage is reinstated, we will reimburse you when we receive payment from that carrier. You will need to inform us as to when this coverage becomes effective again so we can bill correctly and in a timely manner. Most insurance companies only allow 120 days after the visit to reimburse the physicians. So please call us as soon as possible.
We bill your insurance carrier as a service to you. It is your responsibility to tell us of any and all insurance policies on your child(ren), of any changes in coverage and to notify each insurance carrier as to who is primary and who is secondary if there is more than one policy on your child. It is your responsibility to know the details of your individual coverage, particularly the allowable number and frequency of well visits and any referral restrictions. Because of the changing environment in the health care industry, please do not assume that we participate in all plans. A call to your insurance company will verify our participation with your plan. Please check with our receptionists to obtain the most current list of insurance plans with which we participate. If you are required to have a Primary Physician Provider (PCP) with your carrier, please be sure to list Dr. Shi Jen Cheng so that your claims will be processed correctly. Being the owner and primary physician of the practice, he will receive all reports, claims and correspondence pertaining to your child's care. This is just administrative and does not hinder you from choosing to see any provider in our practice. Please direct any insurance or bill questions to our billing manager during regular office hours. You can choose to leave a voice message if you prefer, and she will get back to you as soon as possible.
Your insurance plan may require an office visit with us before seeing a specialist. Please allow three (3) business days for referrals to be completed. We cannot initiate a referral after you have seen a specialist. Please contact us if you have additional questions or concerns about our practice.
Our physicians and staff look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of your family.

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